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Our Parish focuses on caring for and nurturing our young youth - our Atuhau (Niuean for young generations) by embracing them, teaching and encouraging them in their life choices.  We have a busy bunch of young people and there’s always room for more!  The Youth are led by a capable group of Youth Leader’s who share the same vision in bringing people together including in their own age group.


Our young people are welcomed in, to embrace diversity including their own cultural identity and to be proud of their Niuean heritage.  They are also encouraged to share their love for the Lord in the different languages they love and can speak.



Remembering Jean Tutaki
our  Youth Pastor


Last year in 2022, we sadly lost our dear loved youth pastor and friend Jean Matilda Tutaki - Jean was a prayer warrior, a passionate strong role model, 'Jesus crazy!' Jean encouraged us young ones too, embrace our Vagahau Niue, and to grow deeper in our daily walk with God always to stand strong in our identity as an individual and as a child of God. One of the many goals of Jean's was to, create a safe space for our youth where they could grow in all facets of their lives. Rest in love xoxo

- Youth tribute 

Happenings + Events


Thursday June 1st

Bingo Night 
Friday May 26th


Snow Camp coming up

details to be confirmed 

Amazing Race coming up

details to be confirmed 

Bible Studies

Sunday April 30th 

Access Radio Talk
Saturday May 6th 

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